In Memory of Wesley Fachner

wesley fachner 2

This page was created in memory of Wesley Fachner who passed into eternity on December 28, 2015.

Wesley was a long time friend & supporter of Life Challenge International. He was a gentle soul, with a friendly smile and generous heart and touched the lives of family, friends & colleagues alike.

In lieu of flowers, the Fachner family desires that charitable contributions be made to Life Challenge International or Mark and Sunny Rodli Ministries ( in memory of Wesley Fachner. All funds will be used to support the childrens’ ministries of Life Challenge, that Wesley dearly loved & supported.

Though the children may never see the donors, Wesley like an angel, touched earth with his love and moved on into eternity.

In acknowledgement of the contributions given by:

Carmel Blake-Burke

Janice Carney

Ferguson Family
(Mike, Eric, Denise & Cheryl)

Maria Antonini De Pino

Edwared Koetitz

Barbara Izzo

Michael Gray

Amber Grove Homeowners Association

B.Lam & Lynn

Jennifer Martella