‘That enemy of mankind, that curse of civilization.’
– Mahatma Gandhi on Addiction.


To see society overcome the power of addiction.

To understand our vision, think victory.  We have known the power of addiction, have seen the suffering of its victims and witnessed the destruction it causes.


Provide help to individuals & families to get freedom from addiction issues.

To understand our mission, think war. We are waging a war against the ruthless enemy of addiction. Every successful war has a strategy. Life Challenge’s 3-Point MISSION strategy is to:

Prevent: Expose the enemy.

Actively engage in addiction awareness efforts to expose the nature of the enemy and warn the community of the potential destruction through public awareness ralliesaddiction prevention seminarscommunity awareness campaignschildren’s clubs and schools.

Prepare: Raise an army.

Train and certify addiction counselors and field workers, partner with existing organizations or setup new ones to expand the mission of Life Challenge in their community.

Provide: Free the captives.

Help the individuals & families who are caught in addiction. Life Challenge runs men’s recovery homeswomen’s outreach centersfamily support programschildren rescue missions and prison outreach projects.