Women’s Outreaches

Addiction is a family disease and is one of the primary causes of abuse of women.

In many cultures, women are not given too many rights. The male-dominated culture leaves the wife almost entirely at the mercy of the husband who in many cases is the sole bread winner of the family. When the only income generating person of the family falls into addiction, the entire family’s survival supply of food, clothing & shelter are strangled.

May wives resort to different methods to keep the family afloat. They have the dual burden to provide for the family from a depleted income source and has to fulfill the husband’s expectation of being available to care for him whenever summoned for.

Life Challenge outreach centers provide daily counseling and life skill training to the women . These families are from addiction fueled abusive homes, and live in fear. Life Challenge also intervenes in the family situation and recruits the willing husbands to one of Life Challenge’s residential centers. In some cases, the men have been strongly urged to seek recovery.

IVCM Life Challenge