HIV Relief Center

Addiction fueled HIV has destroyed thousands of families.

Injection drug users and alcohol induced promiscuous sexual behavior have both hastened the spread of HIV.

The affected person passes on HIV to the spouse before his death, leaving behind wife & children now devastated not only by the loss of the main bread winner, but also themselves infected by HIV.

Life Challenge support programs provide a sense of hope & purpose to these affected families, who are refused employment as some societies still carry a stigma to HIV / AIDs.

Manipur has the one of the highest HIV prevalence among injection drug users in the world. Hundreds of families have been widowed after the men have died due to HIv & drugs, leaving behind wives & children who are not only widowed, but many are infected by the deadly virus. In a society that still stigmatizes  HIV/AIDS, these women and children face numerous challenges to provide for themselves.

Life Challenge opened a self support project for these women, where they can come to the Life Center facility and make food items that are sold in the market place. This would enable them to support themselves and their children.