Family Support Programs

Addiction is a family disease.

Addiction affects the extended family of the individual struggling with addiction. The destruction on the family ranges from persistent regular abuse of family members to death from murder or suicide.

The nature of the enemy of addiction is to cause destruction in the family & society. The devastation is caused by the addict upon his family as he viciously eliminates all hindrances that arise to prevent him from drinking or using. The abuse of women is caused either when the she objects to his drinking or if she refuses to provide the money needed for the habit.

The wife is faced with the extremely difficult responsibility to provide for the children, while the husband threatens to drain out every resource available. Many families are driven to deeper levels of poverty and extreme forms of abuse. Women are helpless in the face of the enemy and are desperately looking for a way out, sadly for some of them, the way out is suicide.

On the one hand Life Challenge’s residential homes do help the men who struggle with addictions, and equally important is the responsibility to protect & provide for the families.

Women’s Outreach Centers

The indirect victims of addiction need help to process the grief and loss that addiction has thrust upon them. There are the physical losses of food & clothing, the mental losses through abuse and fear, emotional depravity of fear from abuse and uncertainity, psychological effects of low self esteem, acts of desperation, etc. The spouses need help to handle their personal lives and their families. Life Challenge Women’s Outreach Centers provide a place for the women to receive counseling, support, recovery options and life skill training.

HIV Relief Centers