Children’s Life School

Education brings hope to children affected by addiction.

The Life Challenge schools provide education for children in areas that are the most badly affected by addiction. The school have a special focus to help children who are from homes of HIV & addiction.

Kakching Life School

Due to the easy availability of drugs in the state of Manipur, the children and youth are left with a limited choice as they grow up. With no clear direction, it is inevitable that they would go down the same path that was taken by their older siblings and fathers. This provides a great opportunity for prevention and awareness in this state.

With this in mind, Life Challenge adopted the Kakching Northern English School, which is now Kakching Life School. The school started off with 25 students is growing to extend the gift of education to more children. Life Challenge has a vision to provide a strong educational foundation to the children in Manipur. Awareness of Drug abuse and the dangers of it are included in the curriculum.

Kakching Life School is looking to building a new school facility and  is working on providing hostel facilities for children who need them.

Would you like to partner with Life School and provide education for the children in Manipur? You can directly support the Kakching Life School project. For more information please contact