Children / Youth Camps

Life Challenge conducts camps for the children & youth to help them make right choices when faced with addiction. The Life Camps are whole day programs or held for 2-3 days. These camps are specially focused to enable children to understand the dangers of addiction.

Drugs & alcohol is easily available in the society, making the children dangerously susceptible to its trap. The young minds of the children can easily be influenced and eventually overpowered by the chemical substances.

The sessions at the camp cover topics related to identity, self-esteem, social interaction, relationship challenges etc. Children who are from homes already affected with parent’s addiction and /or those in abuse situations at home are the most vulnerable to addiction. The pressure from peers, and the need to belong, cause children of similar backgrounds to commune together.  Through the camps, we hope to equip the children to successfully make the right decisions to stay free from drugs and alochol.

Interactive sessions, group discussions, and relevant topics are also addressed to help them cope with the pressures and struggles that they face in their schools and neighbourhoods.