Men’s Residential Homes

Addiction alters a person’s pattern of thinking and changes his priorities and lifestyle.

The extent of the damaged lifestyle depends on the duration of the disease. Recovery from addiction requires an individual to re-learn a new & healthy way of living. The successful rehabilitation of an affected individual best happens at a closely monitored and highly structured residential program.

Life Challenge residential centers incorporate the world’s most successful principles of recovery.

The center residents, called students, have come to learn a new way of life. The program addresses the key elements of recovery through, personal hygiene, responsibility development, personalized self paced curriculum, counseling, group therapy, meditation, spiritual mentoring, physical development, exercise and interpersonal social skills.

The Life Challenge program maintains a balance of social, physical, mental, spiritual & emotional development. Students are required to be full time residential participants. The duration of the program is 12-18 months:

  • Studentship: 12 months (4 levels) Certificate of Completion
  • Internship: 6 months (2 levels) Certificate of Graduation
  • Graduates interested to work with Life Challenge will go through additional 6 month staff training.

Life Challenge services are available to all people irrespective of social background, religion, education background and family status.


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