Prison Freedom Mission

A prison term does not bring freedom from addiction.

An extremely high percentage of people in prisons are there because of addiction related crimes. Either the crime was committed while under the influence of drugs & alcohol or the crime was fueled by addiction and the need for money. From petty robberies to planned mafia activities or rape, murder and other heinous crimes, the persons committing the crime are under the control of the mind altering poison called addiction.

Life Challenge’s Prison Freedom Mission was launched in March 2011 with the first Addiction Awareness Seminar held inside Tihar Jail, the largest jail in South Asia. One thousand inmates attended the seminar. 

The seminars were mainly focused towards helping the men realize that addiction was a ruthless and powerful enemy that would not let go of its victims even after a prison term. The open doors to the prison system led to Life Challenge exploring more possibilities of visiting other jails. The jail officials expressed a desire to have more of Life Challenge’s interaction in helping them to fight the evil nexus of addiction & crime.

Life Challenge graduates Samson & Deepak, who themselves had spent time in prison arranged for seminars in 4 jails in Rajasthan. Life Challenge was warmly welcomed by the jail officials as the prisons had an extremely high percentage of men addicted to drugs & alcohol.

The seminars were well received. Many men approached Life Challenge to inquire about the program and requesting for help. On seeing the impact that the team as having on the men, one prison superintendent inquired if Life Challenge would be willing to consider a greater involvement in helping the men. Discussions were held between the prison authorities and Life Challenge, which led to the first ever in-house 3 day Prison Freedom Camp.