Children’s Life Clubs

Awareness can help prevent the spread of addiction.

The outreach efforts by Life Challenge to reach the children who are affected by addiction is called Life Clubs. The clubs are currently held by Chennai Life Challenge in different parts of Chennai City and promote education among the children, bring awareness about addiction, engage the children in development activities and encourage children to report abuse.

The Life Clubs are regularly held at 5 locations in Chennai. The children who attend are from homes struggling with addiction, and the outreach programs bring the children together encouraging education and providing counseling. In all the locations, the society completely supports the Life Challenge initiatives as they realise that Life Challenge is focused to protect the children of the community.

Life Challenge also reaches the families through various awareness initiatives and also encourage addicted parent/s to seek help from their addiction. For those who are willing, Life Challenge has directly involved in the families and recruited some of the fathers to one of the Life Challenge Men’s Residential homes.

Would you like to sponsor a Life Club? Would you like to start a Life Club in any city? Please contact for details.