Community Awareness

Life Challenge Addiction Awareness Seminars called the “Truth About Addiction,” exposes the nature of addiction and provides a naked view of the reality and power of this destructive enemy. Since 2009, these seminars have been held in schools, colleges, churches, community halls, jails, prisons and street programs in over 60 cities.

Public Awareness Rallies 

Prevention is the best medicine and awareness about addiction is best deterrent against its destructive  power. Life Challenge’s Awareness Rallies are held annually on June 26 marking the United Nations International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The rallies are held in partnership with the local schools.


Awareness in Schools / Colleges

The student community in schools & colleges is the main target of addiction. Life Challenge believes that every child deserves to have a truthful unbiased view of addiction before it is introduced to them by their peers. High school & college students are surrounded by drugs & alcohol. Life Challenge desires to introduce addiction to the youth in a safe environment.


Children & Youth Camps

These camps are focused in regions of the world where addiction is rampant and where the society seems to have has sadly accepted it as an evil that they just have to live with. These 1-3 day camps are designed to help the children & youth appreciate the gift of life, understand the dangers of addiction and acknowledge the importance of making right choices and the right time.