Addiction Recovery

Addiction alters a person’s pattern of thinking and changes his priorities and lifestyle.

Addiction alters a person’s habits, behavior and lifestyle. To successfully break free from addiction, one needs to acquire a new pattern of thinking that comes from personal discipline and accountability. Life Challenge offers two kinds of progams to help with addiction recovery. The choice of the program is determined by the circumstances of the individual and extent of addiction issues in his/her personal life.

Residential Recovery Homes

Life Challenge’s residential programs incorporate some of the world’s most successful principles of recovery and is the most effective way to break free from serious addiction issues. These principles have been proven to be effective as long as the program resident is willing to voluntarily participate to the prescribed structure.

The residential centers are group homes run inside a closed facility with limited access to the outside world, enabling the residents to completely focus on their recovery without extrernal distractions. The centers follow a closely monitored daily schedule that includes prescribed activities to help restore a person socially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Non-Residential Recovery Centers

The option of a non-residential center is only recommended for individuals with milder addictions or who absolutely cannot go to a residential program due to family circumstances. The centers incorporate the Life Groups program which is based on the 12-step recovery model. These daily or weekly out-patient programs address the main challenges in addiction and takes the participant systematically through the steps of recovery.