Would you like to partner with Life Challenge in this war against addiction?

Host an Awareness Seminar

Prevention and awareness is the best way to save our families from addiction. The Life Challenge “Truth about Addiction” seminar is a powerful way to bring about Community Awareness.

PowerPoint presentations are available with corresponding notes to make it easy for anyone to conduct the seminar in your school,  church, camp, retreat or other event.

Include a Seminar at your next event

Many people are ignorant about the extent of addiction. Parents and children are not fully aware about the power of addiction and the devastation it causes.

In some communities, it is sometimes difficult to get a crowd to come to an exclusive addiction awareness event. Include it as part of any other community event and help spread awareness.

Start a Life Challenge center

Is there a need for Life Challenge  in your community? Do you want to help lead the effort?

Identify a group of like-minded people and contact us. We can guide you through the process. We will hold an initial briefing (online or in-person), form a Development Committee, and then make a workable plan to help set up the center.