Chennai Life Challenge

Chennai Life Challenge was established in May, 2010 by Wesley Lucas and his wife Suji. The young couple has worked among the street children of Chennai for many years. They along with a dedicated team of members have taken up the Life Challenge initiatives of Children’s Rescue Mission and Awareness Seminars.

Chennai Life Challenge conducts children’s life clubs in various parts of the city. These weekly clubs bring the children together and promote education and social skills. For children that come from families affected by addiction, Life Challenge is the support that they can depend on in case of abuse. Children from vulnerable situations have been taken to safe homes of partner organizations. The women & the community depends on Life Challenge for safety from abuse.

Life Challenge continuously reaches out to the runway children of the street. It is a sad reality that the children who are addicted to solvents are not immediately willing to leave the ‘high’ for a better life. The enemy of addiction have them already in its grip.

Children Rescue Mission

Children’s Life Clubs

Awareness Rallies