Bangalore Life Challenge

Bangalore Life Challenge (BLC) was established as the first Life Challenge program in India. Located in the heart of the metropolitan city of Bangalore, the 40 bed center offers a one year residential program to help men overcome addictions to drugs & alcohol.

History: In June 2003, Pastor John opened a portion of his home to start a program. The first residents were two men from Vellore, Babu and Vichu, who were addicted to drugs & alcohol and had spent time in jail. Two more men and a staff joined and BLC was launched. But after a few months,  problems among the residents led to a temporary closing down of the center. After a few weeks, Babu & Vichu returned to Pastor John asking for a second chance and BLC was re-started again.

By early 2005 the center population grew to 15. As the news of the program spread, applications came from many parts of India and by 2006, the center reached a capacity of 30 men. Since then the center has run a full program. Over the years, a couple of hundred men having gone through the doors of BLC. Men who struggle with addictions, have come from many parts of India and other countries of Myanmar, Bhutan , Maldives, UAE, Palestine, Iran, Uganda & US.

Bangalore Life Challenge runs of the most successful addiction recovery centers in India, which is evidenced by the high rates of success in the lives of those who complete the program.

“I went to 10 other rehabs in India, before I came to BLC. People thought that there was no hope for me, but today I am free and have found a new way of living!”
– Runoyhu Keppen (former addict), Center Coordinator of Bangalore Life Challenge

Many of the graduates of BLC have successfully gone back to their families and careers, but a few of them stayed back to join the war against addiction. Having gone through the program and experienced the taste of victory they have put aside other ambitions and made it their mission to help others through Life Challenge.

Vishwabrama – Vellore Life Challenge (Center Coordinator)
Jhonstone S – Kakching Life Challenge (Center Coordinator)
Runoyhu Keppen – Bangalore Life Challenge (Center Coordinator)
Kalimohan – Kerala Life Challenge  (Center Coordinator)
Samson Massey – Kota Life Challenge (Center Coordinator)


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